This week’s Episode: The First Look

Picture it, you stand at the end of the aisle, heart thumping, knees trembling, palms sweating, the music starts and you get the nod to turn round. Here comes your new bride or groom in all their resplendent beauty, wearing a mask…

This is the current reality we are faced with and it sadly takes away the impact of that all important first look.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I was filming a wedding at Cottiers in Glasgow and my amazing couple, Jenny and Eddie had discussed the idea of doing a “First Look” before the ceremony.

Tell me more… What is this First Look you speak of?

“The one thing I would say is that Eddie and I loved doing our ‘first look’. We both agree that it was the best part of the whole day for us and we’re so glad we did it. Although it was motivated by the fact we had to wear facemasks inside, we actually wish we had decided to have done it anyway but we had never heard of it before. So if I was to recommend anything to other couples it would be to do the ‘first look’ – do it anyway but especially do it if they are having to wear face masks inside too.”

Jenny & Eddie Marlin.

I think this quote speaks for itself but here’s a bit more context around it too.  Whilst the First Look is not a new thing, it’s been around, especially in America, for quite some time, here, in Scotland, it’s not particularly common.

Essentially a groom or bride stands, patiently, waiting on their other half to come up and touch them on the shoulder. This is their cue to turn around and see, for the first time, their beautiful bride or groom, in this case, mask free.

Doesn’t this break tradition?

Excellent question but in reality, surely tradition has gone right out the window due to the way weddings are happening at the moment. With tradition gone, isn’t this your opportunity to try something different?

Here is Jenny & Eddie’s First Look:

The thing is, it’s your wedding film, you can decided what you want in and what you don’t want, so, if you think the First Look is an awesome idea, then let’s chat further.

Until next time… stay awesome!

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