The Beginning

Ok so now you have just booked us what is next?

Thank you for choosing Nine18 to capture your big day – I cannot wait to be part of your wedding. 

This guide will detail the journey from beginning to end, from booking until your wedding film is finished and ready to view.

We can grab a coffee or a Zoom call together

I am always happy to jump on a Zoom call or meet up for a coffee, any time, to talk things over, explain the package, expectations of me on the day, whatever.

If you want to chat, then just get in touch, it’s not a problem 🙂

WhatsApp or call me on +44 07748 966634

In the lead up to your big day the plans come together

As I said above, I can meet with you any time but the closer we get to your big day, once all the plans and timings are set, let’s chat, ideally in person, normally the month before.

There’s a form I’ll get you to fill out which gives me timings, locations and all the relevant information I need on the day.

Your Big Day has arrived – game on!

Batteries charged, bags packed, kilt on and Jordans laced, it’s time to get this party started. 

On the day it’s my job to make sure you have the best time possible and that’s why I created “Rule #1” – don’t forget to use it if you need to!

I will film the parts of your day, according to your package, and will make sure I have enough amazing content to create a beautiful wedding film for you

It’s homework time!

Don’t worry, I am not asking you to do any maths or chemistry homework, it’s a lot easier than that lol 🙂

As mentioned at our pre-wedding meeting, can you go to and pick 3-5 songs which will be used in your Highlights Montage.

The second part, is I need 2 high resolution landscape (horizontal) photos which I will select 1 to use on your USB background.

Last part is to confirm your postal address if you are getting your film on USB. If you are unsure what address you provided, complete the address part, just to be safe lol.

Using this form – send me your photos and song choices and confirm your postal details.

Your Teaser Trailer

The first part of your wedding film to be edited is your Teaser Trailer, your love story, told in sixty seconds. 

The Teaser is designed to whet your appetite whilst you wait on your full film to be edited. 

Normally you can expect a sneak preview of your Teaser within 1-2wks of your wedding.

Then it gets shared on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok.

Make sure to like, follow, subscribe to our social media channels please 🙂

Get ready for the launch

Once you’ve had a sneak preview of the Teaser, it’s time to share it on ALL the socials, if that’s ok with you? 

Normally it goes on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube and we work together to share it, tag as many friends and family and suppliers as possible. 

I’ll communicate “instructions” for launch prior to scheduling a post.

Don’t tell me the dog ate your homework?

The next step in the process is to edit your wedding film together, to put on your online gallery and/or USB.

This is where we select the best clips for your montage, multi-cam edit your ceremony and speeches, apply colour grading and polish it all nice and shiny for you.

Remember, for this I will need you to send me your songs as per the bit above.

Your Film – Individual Clips

Your wedding film is not presented like a movie and by this I mean that you won’t get one video at the end that’s over an hour or 90mins long. Instead, you get your wedding film crafted as individual clips as per the graphic below, this is what the standard package will normally contain. 
If you have booked any add-ons like Guest Messages, for example, then they would also be included. 











Editing Your Film

The songs from your homework are used in your highlights montage as I don’t use commercial music, apart from any music captured at your ceremony or your dances. 

The editing lead time varies throughout the year  from 8-12 during the quieter months to 16-24wks when things get hectic. I always try to mitigate delays but sometimes this is out my hands, with that said, I’ll keep you updated with times where possible.  Typically, it takes around 30-40hrs to edit your wedding film from start to finish.

Once your clips are ready, I will post them on Vimeo, password protected for you to see, prior to finalising your USB/Online Gallery.

Give it the thumbs up

Now you have watched your film, it’s time to give it the thumbs up and I will get your USB/Online Gallery ready.  

Just need the second part of your homework, if not already done, 5 house points if you have. The photo is for your USB background. 

At this point I double check the postal address and then it’s time to get it packaged up and posted, or the link to your unlisted (hidden) YouTube playlist sent across to you.

It’s arrived, yass, just one more thing

Once you have your online gallery details and/or receive your USB in the post then you are all set to go. Don’t forget to make a backup copy of your USB and keep it safe!

The last part, is where I would LOVE it, if you could leave me a review on both my Facebook page and on Google. This helps with SEO, generates engagement and traffic and helps a small business in massive ways.

There’s no obligation to do this at all, but if you do, I will be very grateful.

The End

All it leaves me to say, is a massive thank you!

Filming weddings is more than just a job, it’s a passion and also, an honour.

So, thank you, I truly mean that, thank you for letting me capture your awesome wedding and producing a wedding film that you can watch and share for years and years and years and years to come!

Thank you,
Lee x