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Whether you’re looking for a ceilidh and covers band, a rock and pop group or classical musicians, it is always safer to use a wedding music agency.  This is because an agency is able to offer you more protection against the unpredictable, better access to a variety of bands during your wedding planning process to help you choose the right band for you, and – frequently – better quality bands.  Music For Scotland ( are different to other wedding and function band agencies because we don’t just throw a few musicians together and hope they have the X Factor when it comes to entertaining – we produce our bands, end to end.  This means that our bands are guaranteed to rock (and / or reel!) your big day because they have the charisma and energy to get the party started and keep it going to the wee, small hours.

At Music For Scotland, we are experts in our field so we thought we’d share some top tips to help you pick the perfect wedding entertainment for your big day.


Know Your Budget

If you’re frantically searching for the average price of wedding bands in Scotland and struggling to find a clear answer, we understand your confusion.  The price you pay for your wedding entertainment will vary based on a variety of factors. DJs will be cheaper than live bands for many reasons but the main one simply comes down to the quantity of people you’re paying to entertain you – 1 DJ v 4+ musicians, for example.  Adding in the amount of preparatory work required to enable a band to perform (rehearsals, set up, pack up) you begin to understand why the average cost of a band is about £1000-£1200.  As a good rule of thumb, budget £250 per band member.  Yes  a wedding band is a pricey choice, but you have to remember that a DJ – no matter how charismatic – will never be able to match the atmosphere created by live music.  So if there are savings to be made elsewhere on your wedding checklist, we know where we would spend the extra pounds!


Know Your Style

Choose a band whose setlist matches your musical tastes. We would advise steering clear of extremes (heavy metal can be epic, but consider your guests’ tastes as well – are they likely to want to create a mosh pit on the dance floor or is it more probable that there will be a tumbleweed moment?)  That being said, if you can’t stand pop music, communicate that to your band and let them know the sort of songs that make you want to get up and dance or simply just make you happy.  Wherever possible, a quality wedding band will prioritise customer tastes and make your wedding reception one to remember by tailoring their set list to you.


Do Your Research

Don’t assume that just because a band has a jazzy website or comes across very professionally in their email responses, that they will provide exceptional wedding entertainment – always try and see the band live before you book them.  Failing that, view videos of the band in action and always read the reviews.  Here, again, is another reason to go with a wedding band agency because the best ones hold free, live wedding band showcases, where you can see their bands perform and make an informed choice on which one is right for you. Music for Scotland have also invested in HD videos to give you a good idea of just how good our bands are.


Ask the Key Questions

Don’t be shy!  Make a list of questions for your band and other suppliers who may have interdependencies.  For example, you need to check if your venue has any restrictions on live music (sound limiters / end times etc).  You may also have to check with your other wedding suppliers / event manager when various elements of your day will be getting set up and how best to avoid wedding suppliers getting in each other’s way.  Communicate with and coordinate your wedding suppliers, don’t assume everything will align by itself!

So there you have it, a few hints and tips to get you started on the search for your wedding entertainment. And if you want to find a wedding band agency, you know where to look!  For a no obligation chat, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to give you advice and guidance to match you with your perfect wedding entertainment  (


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