What a weekend! A busy weekend comes to an end and now it’s time to get a blog post written and published, a mailshot to all the awesome humans we spoke with and the rest of the usual day to day stuff.

Lots to cover in this post so here’s what to expect:

  • Scottish Wedding Show – October 2023
  • New Packages

Scottish Wedding Show, completed it mate!

It’s been and gone and now that the dust has settled, it’s time to reflect back on this October’s Scottish Wedding Show at the SECCCCCCC or Scottish Event Campus for short.

We took up residence in a new part of the show, Stand J60, to be exact, to see if this would be any different to the February show. It was a bit quieter, in my opinion but I think, speaking with other exhibitors, that February, historically, has been the busier of the two shows. With all that said, we (more on that in a minute) spoke with lots of couples, brides, grooms, and their respective entourages over the weekend, handed out our new flyers, gave out some Quality Street chocolates and took some bookings too. We also handed out some awesome smelling wax melt candles from our friends at Darcy and Bear. To me, this makes the show successful.

Who did you mean by “we” I hear you all ask?

This year my son Reggie, the not bald old guy in the photo, joined me on the stand and you want to know what? He did an awesome job talking to people about wedding films. Considering it’s quite an intense environment and it’s long hours, he did so well and I am so thankful for his help. He even secured one of the bookings too. Reggie is also convinced that a few more bookings will come in because of his efforts, we’ll see 😉

New Packages I hear you say?

Leading on nicely from the Scottish Wedding Show segment, as well as the very popular Build Your Own Package, a highly customisable package that lets you choose the coverage and extras you want and provides an instant price, we launched 3 new packages at the show, which are completely different to anything offered before.

  • Ceremony Only – coverage of just your ceremony, delivered to you online and shareable with your friends and family.
  • Ceremony & Speeches – add in some of the photos and mingling as well as your Speeches for this package, again available as an online film.
  • Highlights Only – choose from 10-15min or 15-20min long highlights montage which is full of all the awesome moments in your day, with audio overlays and music in the background, something new and different.

For more information head to our Packages Section.

If you can’t wait, and who could blame you, then first stop is the Check Your Date page, to make sure we have your date available!

The show deals and packages will run until the end of October 2023 so act fast.

So, let me leave you with the latest teaser trailer which was shot at Errol Park in Perthshire.

Until the next post, much love!

Lee x


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