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Micro/Small Wedding Package (NEW!) - Intimate or Wee Weddings // Glasgow // Edinburgh // Elopement // Glencoe // Skye -

Life has changed significantly and for everyone but we can make sure your perfect day is still captured perfectly.

If you’ve decided to have an elopement wedding then this package should suit you too.

This is a brand new package which has been created to fit around your wedding plans and can be tailored to suit your requirements.

You can now create a bespoke package based on an hourly rate rather than an “All Day” package.

Not really sure Micro Wedding sounds right but maybe Intimate Wedding or Wee Wedding or maybe just Small Wedding?


If you decided to reschedule you r evening reception celebrations then we can cover this too.  Starting at £600 we will film the evening’s festivities including the first 5 dances. Get in touch for more information.